Blue Holocaust - Flesh for the Cannibal God CD

The Ultimate Goregrind Cannibalization Inspired By The Primitive Ways & Bizarre Ancient Rituals Of Regurgitate, Dead Infection, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Old Napalm Death / Carcass & IMPETIGO!

1 Frenzied Machete Ravages
2 Left To Fester
3 Eaten Raw
4 Sinews Of Carnage
5 Human Sacrifices
6 Feeding Fury (of The Piranhas)
7 Open Cranium Delicacies
8 Ritual Disembowelment
9 Totem Pole Of Skeletonized Corpses
10 Harmony Of Overwhelming And Collective Murder
11 Excruciating Invasion Of The Candiru Vampire
12 Cannibal World
13 As The Dipterous Larvae Hatches
14 Night Of The Sorcerers
15 Naked Prey
16 Impaled
17 Burned To Death
18 Abominio
19 Last Survivor Left
20 Green Inferno
21 O-Kee-Pa Ferox
22 Driven To Anthropophagia
23 Flesh For The Cannibal God (Bonus Track)

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