The Afternoon Gentlemen ‎– Still Pissed 2012 - 2015 tape

"Grind In The Mind" 7"
A1 Grind In The Mind
A2 Mind On The Grind
A3 Still By The Still
Self-titled LP
A4 The Outsider
A5 Down And Out
A6 Swirl Night
A7 Pog Till You Drop
A8 War On The Poor
A9 Too Late
A10 Bottling Up
A11 Till The End
A12 Lidney
A13 Grindcorpse
A14 The Monster
A15 Grind Is Music
A16 Drain The Dregs
A17 Shut Up
A18 Booglechrist
A19 Children Of The Grain
The Afternoon Gentlemen/Lycanthropy split 10"
B1 Time Gentlemen Please
B2 Dustbin Banquet
B3 Second Chance
B4 Dry
B5 Waste of Flesh
Previously Unreleased
B6 Concrete Plant
"Power Joogle Pogger Violence" 10"
B7 Oranjeboom
B8 Hammers
B9 F.T.T.
B10 Doins Head
B11 Bin Lurker
B12 Hungry
B13 Scum Of The Earth
B14 4/4
B15 Neocrust 0 Powerviolence 1
B16 Kill A Banker
B17 Poggy Trou
B18 Booze Gel Hell
B19 Get Fucked
B20 Nuclear Terror
B21 Let's Stink
B22 Piss Artist
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