G.O.D. ‎– Body Horror tape

A1 Maximum Tolerated Dose
A2 Anthropocentric Malarkey
A3 Thrush
A4 Dermatillomania
A5 The Antibro
A6 Aftermath (Carnage)
Written-By – Carnage
A7 L-Cysteine Chapel
A8 Am I Fun Yet!??
A9 Spider-Goat
A10 Dethroned Mayoror (FATO)
Written-By – FATO
A11 Enough to Share
A12 Genderized
A13 Shitlisted
A14 Pestilent Decay (Repulsion)
Written-By – Repulsion
B1 Cesspool Mentality
B2 M.R.A. (Massive Repressive Asshole)
B3 Self Medicated
B4 Prelude To A Serial Murder
B5 House Of Clocks
B6 Modification Of The Human Germline
B7 Unearthing Pathogens
B8 Perversion / Alkanoid / Penisnatcher (CSSO)
Written-By – CSSO
B9 Night Of Terror
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