Tribute To Warsore - 10" (салатовый)

A1 –Aftersundown Bastardized
A2 –Agamenon Project Industrial Suicide
A3 –Alea Iacta Est Social Parasite
A4 –Bloodington Open Wound
A5 –Bowel Leakage Sensory Deprivation
A6 –Camphora Monobromata Substance Abuse
A7 –Castration Rite Social Parasite
A8 –Controlled Existence Slave Formation
A9 –Compulsion To Kill Burial Ground
A10 –Debacle Dole Cue Fuck You
A11 –Decomposing Serenity Melbourne Hillbillies
A12 –Faxe (3) Crude Stench Of Progress
A13 –Final Cunt Bitter End
A14 –Fuck The Facts Thief
A15 –Gangrenous Penis Failed Species
A16 –G.O.D. (15) Burial Ground
A17 –Gore Beyond Necropsy Warpaint
A18 –Grotesco Ritual Hate
A19 –Homicide (13) Voice Of The Voiceless
B1 –Hyperemesis Destroy All Monsters
B2 –Insomnia Isterica Sinking In Shit
B3 –Jeffrey Dahmer (2) Don't Settle For Death Metal
B4 –Lakei Cops Make Good Targets
B5 –Livstid Killing Field
B6 –LxDxT Destroy All Monsters
B7 –Maticrust Industrial Suicide
B8 –Mixomatosis You Rape, You Die
B9 –Oxidised Razor Sociopath
B10 –Paralyzed Society Decomposed
B11 –Pos Sismo Cops Make Good Targets
B12 –Pulmonary Fibrosis 20 Seconds
B13 –Sete Star Sept Blunt Trauma
B14 –Six Brew Bantha Song 6
B15 –SnuffX Just Another Stab In The Back
B16 –Syntax (11) U.S.A.
B17 –Tersanjung13 Brutal Reprisal
B18 –Trigger (24) Nauseating Rich Assholes
B19 –Twisted Truth Vegetarian Barbarian
B20 –Violent Restitution Choking On Stress
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