SULFURIC CAUTERY - 'Chainsaws Clogged With The Underdeveloped Brains Of Xenophobes CD

1 Desperately Sucking On The Rotten Breasts Of Demagogues
2 Radiation As Salvation
3 Bodybag
4 Pustulous Vein Drainage
5 Signs Of A Struggle
6 Painful Secretion Before The Incipient Infection
7 Insufficient Existence
8 Goniotomy For Congenital Glaucoma
9 Paresthesias Of Extremities
10 Excessive Punishment As The Norm
11 Hands Hogtied, Face Masked In Blood
12 Parasitic Acidophilia
13 Significant Myocardial Toxicity
14 Metastatic Ecstasy
15 Advance Cirrhosis
16 Still Smouldering
17 A Necrotization Of The Tissue
18 Orphidiophobia
19 Urine Pathetically Dripping Down The Thigh Of A Castrated Rapist
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